Naran Kaghan Valley – The Fairy Land Of Pakistan

Pakistan has charming pure beauty and Naran Kaghan Valley is certainly one such gem. The valley is at this point becoming more popular with tourists for its untouched charm and feel. A trip to Naran Kaghan Valley is among the most amazing experiences in the world.

Holding the magnificent landscapes and charming location. Each part of the valleys presents a diverse look for the other. The dreamy location in the land of fairies is a captivating place for the nature lover and the honeymoon couples who’re starting their lives with pleasant memories. A good option for “trekking”, “fishing”, “photography”, “hiking” indeed.

Weather & Location of Naran Kaghan Valley

At the same time, the Naran Kaghan valley is nearly 2500 meters above sea level. The complete valley presents pleasant weather all through the year. Even during the harsh hot summers in the south, the weather is still mildly cold there. Most importantly, the spell of rain falls on the gigantic mountains of Himalaya then the adding water to Kunhar River through the glacial melt is a view to look out for. 

There are many places to visit that are full of serenity and peace, within the valley but here listed top 5 of the astonishing colorful parts of the valley.

Top 5 Places to Visit in Naran Kaghan Valley

Lake Saif UL Malook

Our planet’s famous lake, Saif-ul-Malook is 9 km in length,raised  at 3,224 over the surface and can mesmerize anybody with its enormous natural beauty. The river is encompassed by huge mountains that give awe-inspiring views which tourists generally choose for hiking. The lake improves its beauty in winter with snow capped mountains and memorable views of snow.

Lulusar Lake

This is a wonderful lake in the panel of Kaghan valley. It’s at the highest peak in Kaghan Valley with spectacular views almost elevated at 3410m above the sea level.  Lulusar Lake is the well-liked visitor spot in the valley after Saif ul Malook and Babusar top. The new water that is clean of the lake can be used by jeep ride, almost 48 km away from Naran. “Hiking” “trekking” “fishing” “rafting” “boating” can be enjoyed there. To put it differently, it is a perfect picnic spot in Kaghan Valley.


While seeking the special gems of Kaghan Valley, one can’t log off without visiting the grassy lawns of Shogran. Shogran has become the most favorite place of tourists due to its amazing scenic view along with the delightful climate. Shogran is 7,749 feet above and offers the beautiful views of the whole valley. Visitors like to relax in an atmosphere that is full of tranquility and enjoy a hot cup of coffee in a cold climate. At the same time, a number of resorts and motels are there to support thousands of tourists per year.

Siri Paye

Siri Paye is an additional tourist spot almost 6 km away from Shogran, widely recognized for its lush green meadows and also holds a small Siri Paye Lake. Tourists love horseback riding over there and it was a choice for the tourists of Naran to visit this richly green carpeted lawn of Siri Paye and take a deep breath in the pure and clear air.